Your Brand is Everywhere You Go – And Then Some!

As a marketer who spends time managing, enhancing, creating, publicizing & exhibiting diverse client Brands at trade shows & events that are critical for our clients, I wanted to create a greater awareness for clients of their Brand responsibility.

Perhaps the toughest Brand concept to digest is that you don’t control your brand! It exists only in how the external world perceives you. Our graphic & display work is aimed at enhancing both awareness & perception; however, the “total impression” of your firm, its people, its capabilities is far greater than any single marketing or advertising initiative.

Brand is the sum of interactions with your company. Brand is what people hear about you from others (including competitors). Brand is how your people are seen as ‘people’ not just as employees. Brand is the environment you work in as well as your digital front door, your website. Brand is how your phones are answered as well as the ultimate products & services you provide.

Darn that ‘brand’ is everywhere….make it a good one!

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