Stick & Stepping Into The New Normal

Floor decals have been long used to display in-the-moment messages. Now that we are entering into a post-pandemic world and will be gathering together, it will still be important to maintain a safe distance between each other. With stick & step floor decals, the possibilities of creative social distancing are limitless. From the show floor, to the aisles of super markets, or even to the walkways of your local mall, stick & steps are here to keep you safe and keep it fun.

These easy-to-apply graphics are the perfect addition to any branded show. They are made with a unique 100 micron vinyl and are residue-free for a clean removal.

Able to be applied to many surfaces, the graphic is not limited to floor messaging but can also be applied and used for wall graphics, outdoor signage, window graphics, and many more.

See just some of our examples and contact us today to see how we can assist you in decorating your next space.

Other Ways To Keep Safe This Show Season

Sanitation Stations

Keeping those germs at bay has never been more critical now that the idea of gathering together is coming closer. To keep all who gather safe, various sanitation stations can be put in place. Dispensers can easily be attached to many of the portable Skyline products. Contact us to see how we can best display your sanitation stations.

Face Masks

Face masks may be a staple to our professional attire for a while and as it may be hard to communicate at times, it is important to use in order to stop the spread of harmful germs. Wearing a mask personalized with your company's brand may just be the next innovative way to create a memorable conversation with a prospective client. Even including some in swag bags are a sure way to keep the conversation going while keeping others safe and healthy in the process.

Hand Sanitizer Swag 

As the new armor of health safety, personalized hand sanitizer in swag bags are a sure way to continue brand awareness while keeping those germs at bay. Coming in all shapes and sizes, having hand sanitizer in your booth and maybe even in your giveaways, are a great way to stay safe.

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