Safety & Trade Shows

When it comes to safety matters related to trade shows, we all need to recognize and protect against threats our team, our corporate assets and our brand’s reputation. The era of COVID-19 has shifted the safety conversation to matters of personal hygiene and protection against illness, but as trade shows return and travel again ramps up, there are other concerns to remember. Here are considerations for your major corporate assets:

Your Team

Some of us probably consider ourselves to be veritable “road warriors”  - fully aware of how to successfully navigate through airports, strange cities and even convention center loading docks at move-in time. But there maybe others that are unaware of some specific pitfalls:

  •  Remind your team that the wrong joke to a TSA agent can get you detained;
  • In some cities “the wrong part of town” is an apt description, and;
  • The guys driving forklifts know if they ram you it’ll hurt you more than them.

Hopefully, we all also know that:

  • Hotel room doors have locks and swing bars for a reason;
  • The cumulative effect of Happy Hours, corporate parties, drinks with dinner and late-night bar hopping will impair judgement, and;
  • There are special considerations for international events.

Your Stuff

Anything worthy of being called intellectual property is worth protecting from the overly prying eyes (hands and cameras, too) of your competitors.

In addition to considering the safety of your tangible assets (product, exhibit assets, monitors, computers, samples) at the event, recognize things get damaged or lost en route.  Know how your corporate umbrella policy covers items in transit and/or consider freight insurance.  If items are “one-of-a-kind” take special precaution.  Have backups for all critical items.

At many events, security can be hired either for during a show or after hours when many people still may be lurking throughout the show hall.

Remember that for many of us a primary goal at shows is to collect leads and those leads are your gold.  Have a proactive lead management system and protect the tools that comprise that system.

Your Company’s Image

Once a show attendee comes through your booth you have the opportunity to imprint upon them the manner in which you want your company to be seen and thought about into the future.  However, that exhibit hall is filled with your competition, too.  Are your people to prepared to counteract any potential negatives being thrown your way?

The best defense is a strong brand enhancement offense.  Make sure your environment reflects how you want to be thought of, not just who you’ve been in the past.

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