Always A Silver Lining

We all are aware of the global pandemic that has flip flopping life around like your brand new dollar store sandals kicking sand on to your face. And while it is easy to focus in on the 24/7 live stream of bad news coming from every angle, we realize how important it is to set your sights on what positives are coming of this. Beautiful acts of kindness, communities rising up for their neighbors, industries realizing other uses for their products and implementing them to help relief.

Here are a few examples of the silver linings around the world that are occurring in light of Covid-19:

  •       The Javits Center, typically a bubbling convention center known as a host for numerous tradeshows and special events a year, has been transformed into unconventional hospital during the Covid-19 crisis. In wake of the global pandemic the officials of Javits Center created the largest hospital in America designed specifically to fight Covid-19. They are prepared for the masses and have begun treating patients on site by medical staff. Convention centers across the nation are following this model in aid of the pandemic. 


  •        Formula One and The University College London have created a breathing aid for Coronavirus patients that transports oxygen to the lungs which reduces the need for a ventilator. The device was created and sent out to many London hospitals. Sister companies such as rolls Royce and Ford have also begun producing ventilators for the NHS. Read more about it here.


  • ·         As of Tuesday, April 14th, the Palm Beach Animal Care and Control Center has had every single dog adopted, making it completely empty for the first time in the shelter’s history. The shelter had been at full capacity just under a year ago and within a few weeks of the era of quarantine, all pets had been adopted. To read more, click here.


  • The environment is getting a break in pollution as manufacturing and vehicle traffic has reduced. China has experienced a 25% decrease in CO2 emissions as compared to that in 2019. Satellites show reduction in air pollution over many countries, including India, home of the Himalayas where you locals in the Punjab region are able to see the peaks of for the first time in decades. See more photos here...


  • Some industries have noticed this as well and have hit the fast forward button on projects in the making that could also help the environment. A battery patent has recently been made to make electric cars more affordable for the masses, maybe even continuing the ever-decreasing pollution as mentioned above. John Goodenough has lead a team to develop the patent for a new glass lithium-ion battery.


  • Koalas were rescued during the Australian bushfires have begun to be released and re-introduced into the wild. We cannot forget the gruelling months of fires that destroyed many Australian land, wildlife, and communities. Heavy rainfall has nourished the habitats sooner than expected and koalas were released into their natural habitat, the Blue Mountains, by the Sydney-based conservation organisation, Science for Wildlife.


  •    Many brands have started rebranding their products to help with the demand of hand sanitizer products including a brewery in Scotland, BrewDog, that has transformed their distillery to pump out over 200,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to donate to the NHS and health care charities.


In this global time of need, we can rest assured that when faced with trivialities, there will always be heroes amongst the masses, great acts of kindess, and always a silver lining.

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