9 Ways for Your Business to Differentiate in Today’s Environment

9 Ways for Your Business to Differentiate in Today’s Environment

“An idea without a plan is called a wish. Don’t wish for results.”

As I see it, a new revised business environment is installing itself into our world.  I have watched gaps open every decade in “the way we used to do things”.  The world of advertising, marketing, and sales has changed.  In today’s changing environment someone will need to be responsible to solve the tough challenges and provide new solutions. As you steer the ship through a foundation of knowledge, an understanding of your business environment, and an acumen in developing the right destination here are a few things to think about as you plot your course.

What differentiates your brand, your product, or your service from the competition?

There are 9 ways to differentiate your brand. This is the first step in confirming your ability to stand out above others, charge more for your services and products, as well as clarify what your company stands for. Dick Maggiore came up with an incredible foundation for differentiation that has held true for decades.

  1. Being First
  2. Owning an attribute
  3. Leadership role
  4. Heritage
  5. Be the specialist
  6. Own preference
  7. Low price or high price
  8. Be the latest or hottest
  9. Distribution / Size / Category 

What differentiates you?

What speaks to the need of the target you want to reach?

Do you know what your target needs? Do they know? If you worked in transportation in 1908 and asked them what they wanted, they would have responded with faster horses. 

Finding the nuggets of data that will drive a continual relationship with your customers is difficult. A research project that compares what you feel they need verses what they believe they need provides an eye-opening view of gaps as well as insights. 

When was the last time you formalized what you think the target needs?

What can you own in the mindset of the target?

Your brand stands for something in the mind of your target. The mindset that your prospect or customer has of you can be based on many things. It could have been their first experience that gained you the business, it can be the continued support post sale, a single experience they had with one person at your company, or a multitude of other possibilities. Crest fights cavities, Colgate whitens, Listerine kills germs, and Walmart owns low price. Without asking – you won’t know.

Can you read the minds of your target market?

Now of all times is the best time to focus your energy on the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

About the Author

Jason Kelly is a Consultant with Skyline Exhibits and Design based in South Carolina. With fifteen years of experience building strategy and event tactics for some of the biggest brands in the industry, he is most pleased when he sees his clients succeed.



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